Three Wordy Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

Recently, I polished up a LinkedIn profile for a client who was expanding his business and wanted to let people know what he could offer them. The skeleton of his LinkedIn profile was in place and there was good basic information about his roles and responsibilities, but I was able to add flesh to the bones. A lot of people find it difficult to know what to write in their LinkedIn profile. It can feel like blowing your own trumpet, but that’s the whole point of having a LinkedIn profile.

Write a cracking LinkedIn profile.
Write a cracking LinkedIn profile.

Your LinkedIn profile is your shop window, giving employers and/or potential clients the opportunity to find out how you fit with their goals and what you can offer them. There are lots of practical things you can do enhance your profile, like updating it regularly and making sure all relevant sections are filled, but I will concentrate on three word-based enhancements you can make.

Summarise Your Skills

Be sure to use of the Summary box at the start of your profile to outline the skills and attributes that you have honed throughout your career and/or studies. Like the executive summary on a CV, this is your chance to grab the attention of a busy employer or client. It may be the only part of your profile they read, so make it a good one. Don’t just say that you’re trustworthy, say that you were entrusted to lock the safe at night or transfer cash to the bank. Also, word your summary in terms of what you can offer. Don’t just say you’re a team player, say that you’re able to bring people together and help them cooperate with each other.

Enhance Your Job Description

When you’re listing the different roles you occupied or currently occupy, don’t just write a list of duties. Highlight the skills you drew on and how those skills benefited the organisation you worked for. Instead of saying you were in charge of safety, say that you implemented company safety policy and ensured staff safety at work. Don’t just say

Choose Dynamic Wording

Don’t just rely on words like did, made, ran or had. They’re lazy and they’re not specific enough. Instead, choose words that convey a sense of action and accomplishment, words like organised, implemented or ensured. Also, cwhoose words that convey the attributes you bring to a role, like calm, passionate, creative or meticulous.

What have you done to make your LinkedIn profile stand out? For what it’s worth, here’s mine.

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