Three Topics for Your Business Blog

Recently, a business owner came to me to ask for some inspiration for a blog she was starting. Her web developers had told her a blog would be a good idea, but she found the idea quite daunting. ‘I’m not a writer,’ she said. ‘I wouldn’t have a clue what to say.’ I could see why her web developers had suggested a blog. Fresh content on a blog linked to your website makes it more visible on search engines. It also gives you a chance to build up relationships with customers.

Blogging - lets businesses talk to their customers.
Blogging – lets businesses talk to their customers.

That’s why blogging is worth the time investment for business owners, especially those with small businesses which don’t have a big advertising budget. Your blog gives you room to talk to your customers, to tell them about the business you’ve spent so much time building up and what that business can do for them.

Here are a few ideas for things to say in your blog.

Give Helpful Advice

Some people set up businesses based on an area of expertise they have. In your blog, you can share that expertise with your customers by giving them advice that will improve their lives or make their lives easier. If you’re an insurance broker, you can show people how to read the small print in their insurance policy. If you’re a cheese maker, you can give serving suggestions for your cheese. You’re giving customers valuable information and they’ll trust more in your ability to deliver for them.

Share the Latest News

Your blog is a good place to talk about the latest happenings in your business and your customers will enjoy getting a behind the scenes look at how your business works. Talk about the process you use for making your cheese or for helping clients choose an insurance policy. If you’re involved with an event like an awards ceremony or a fashion shoot, take the customer through the day step by step. This gives you another chance to show your business at its best.

Showcase Services

In your blog, you can show your customers how your products and services work and how they can make the best use of them. Write posts that focus on particular services you’d like your customers to know about and explain how using it will benefit them. This is a particularly good way to promote new products and services or ones that are a little more unusual. Customers will appreciate the idea that they’re being given insider tips, particularly if you can show them ways to get value for money from your products and services.

If you’re in business, what do you blog about? And how does that blog benefit your business?