How to Create A Brand Spanking New Website

Ten years ago this month, I started WriteWords Editorial. And not long after that, my website went up. It was designed by Samantha Clooney of The Virtual Office, who has since become a good friend. I went for a blue and white design to match my logo. It was soft on the eye, and the blue writing against a white background was easy to read.

And this website has remained more or less untouched ever since. There have been some changes here and there, but the fundamental design, layout and content have remained the same. But now, on the tenth anniversary of WriteWords, it’s time for a change. It won’t be a radical change, because if it ain’t broke, why fix it. But in the years since the website was created, people have begun to access the Internet in various ways, and the website needs to be adapted to respond to that.

The website will have the same blue colour scheme and roughly the same information. The message of the website, that WriteWords helps people tell their story, will be fundamentally unchanged. But the information will be arranged differently. It will be arranged so that it will all be in one place, and if people want to access the information on it, all they have to do is scroll down through a homepage which will be a hub for all the website’s content.

Choosing a Template

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had an enjoyable time window shopping for templates which will form the basis for the design of my website. In recent times, templates have taken over as the main design tool for websites. So, on Samantha Clooney’s advice, I trawled through Template Monster and I found a template that I believe will deliver my goal of a clean website that’s easy for people to browse through.

I was pretty dazzled by the choice on offer, so Samantha gave me some pointers to tell me what to look for. In the template I have chosen, people can see two things straight away when they visit the website: my list of services and my contact details. Then as they scroll down, they’ll see a homepage message and an about us, telling them what WriteWords is and what it can do for them.

Exploring the Website

As they scroll further, they’ll discover more about the services I offer and how they can be of help. There’ll be snippets of teaser content on the homepage that will entice them to read on. If they decide to read on, they’ll be brought to a new page, which will give more details about each service, and the services within each service.

My core services will remain unchanged. I’ll still have a page for my writing workshops, a page for my content writing services and a page for editing. But I’ll be adding two new service pages. One is for my transcription services, which I’ve kept under the radar up to now, but I’ve discovered that transcription is an in-demand skill, so I’ve decided to let people know what I can offer.

The other is a writing consultancy. I already offer some of these services, but now I’ll be putting them under one umbrella. Rather than create content for people, I’ll give them strategies for writing their own. I’ll help them get to the heart of what they want to say and give them a structure which will help them to say it. These will be one-to-one sessions, in which I’ll discuss people’s ideas with them and then compile a report outlining recommendations that will help them take their project to the next level.

When you browse through this website, it will be clear to you what WriteWords is about and what it can offer you. You’ll also see the latest entries in this blog. Even though my offering will be the same, I’m hoping it’ll look and feel fresh because of how it’s presented. The website will be launched in the next few weeks, and I’ll be shouting about it from the rooftops when it is. I’ll post a link to the website on this blog, and I hope you’ll take a moment to browse through it. ccent 4; \


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