Finding the Words

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The Literary Sofa

img_1316‘There are no words.’



How often have you said, read or heard one of the above this year?  They seem to encapsulate everything 2016 will be remembered for, alluding to the inadequacy of language to convey the full force of shock, outrage, disillusionment, at one event after another. The irony is that we cannot even express that without words.

And yet, we all know the power of words: to speak of love, to make someone laugh, to create bonds, to tell stories. Growing up, I lived in the same village as my grandparents and my Nan was fond of the platitude ‘sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me’. It always amazed me that any grown-up could believe this.  Even the most casual put-down, or mildly sexist or racist remark can cause lasting hurt (I bet we all have a few stingers we…

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