On The Satisfaction of Not Making Your Money From Writing

An insightful post on the challenges of making a living from writing, from the quirkily original blogger Tara Sparling.

Tara Sparling writes

Time is moneyIn this rather disturbing article, The Guardian points out (amongst other hairy statistics) that 77% of self-published authors are making less than £600 per annum. In another article, the figures are a bit different, but no less pessimistic: it states that the median income of authors has dropped from just £6,000 13 years ago to less than £4,000 per annum.  This means that for the vast majority of writers out there, even those who are actually managing to sell books in respectable numbers, they’re only making a fraction of they money they need to make in order to make a living.

Apart from the obviously negative associations with that, one has to wonder, what else are they doing? Either they must be in receipt of dole or bursaries, or they have another job.

I’d love to do a survey to find out what authors – authors of novels and poetry in particular – really do for money. Perhaps a look at the data…

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