A Writer’s Love Affair with Her Notebooks

Writers have a deeply personal relationship with their notebooks. To them, notebooks are as valuable as their right arms. When an idea flares, they capture it in their notebooks before it takes flight. Many a great book has sprung from a humble notebook.

Notebooks aren’t just idea stores for writers. They’re things of beauty in themselves. Writers take great care in choosing their notebooks. Surely ideas will flow faster when you’re writing them in a notebook with an elegant cover and highly sniffable paper.Notebooks play many roles in a writer’s life. Let me give you a few examples from my own.

There’s the spiritual notebook, which encourages thoughts to bubble up from your subconscious.

Spiritual Notebook









The functional notebook that gives you the space to conceptualise professional projects.

Functional Notebook









The funky notebook that cheerfully invites you to enter your drafts into it.

Funky Notebook








And the little notebook for writing on the go.

Little Notebook






What’s your big notebook love? Feel free to share pics and/or thoughts in tribute to your paper ally.


6 thoughts on “A Writer’s Love Affair with Her Notebooks

  1. I’ve always been a notebook person and they have to be absolutely right. I’m talking colour, texture, quality of paper, lined sometimes but not always. Most of all, notebooks have to be hospitable and invite me to write in them. I’ve had a few over the years that were like the ‘best china’ and are still sitting on a shelf.

    Of course, having the right pen or pencil or crayon is crucial too!


  2. That’s the crucial ingredient, Jean, that a notebook invites you in, calls you to fill the pages. I’d agree about the pen only pens aren’t safe in my hands, so I grab whichever ones I can.


  3. Definitely going to write an appreciation post about my own collection of precious notebooks later. I have “best china” ones too. It’s like the Irish “don’t use the good scissors for that” mentality we have I think.


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