Cost-Effective Editing

On foot of last week’s post about why self published authors need editors, I thought I’d wield a blunt instrument and tackle the single biggest obstacle to hiring an editor – cost. There’s no getting away from it. If you want your book edited to a high standard, there’s a considerable cost involved. You’re paying for an editor’s time and their expertise.

But the good news is that there are ways of cutting down the cost without compromising on quality.

  1. Get a Proofread

Proofreaders differ from editors in that their sole job is to clear spelling and grammar errors. This is less time consuming than full copy editing, where the editor is eliminating inconsistencies, checking facts and restructuring copy. A proofread will still give your book a professional appearance.

  1. Get Structural Advice

Critiquing services have sprung up which evaluate a small ample of writing and give advice. They’re a good option if you’ve finished your book, but don’t feel quite satisfied with it. You can apply the advice they give you to your book as a whole and this gives you the power to change your book for the better and maintain the integrity of the story while it’s still in development. You’ll only be charged for the sample of writing you sent.

  1. Write a Short Book

This may sound glib, but self published books tend to be shorter than traditional books, particularly those created for the e-book market. And if an editor has fewer pages to edit, the cost will be lighter on your pocket. So realistically, most self published authors will not have to spend the huge sums they envisage.

Now it’s time for the gratuitous plug. Here’s a link to the editing services I provide, which fit the models I’ve described. Good luck.


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