Why Self Published Writers Need Editors

Are you interested in self publishing a book, or have you self published already? Are you fed up with not being taken seriously by the literati? One of the ways of ensuring that your book competes with the top titles produced by traditional publishing houses is to hire an editor.

Editors take care of your book.
Editors take care of your book.





A lot of writers balk at hiring an editor, because of the cost, or because they feel they’re able to edit the manuscript themselves. But here are three reasons why it’s worth it.

  1. Editors Make Your Book Readable

Poor punctuation and clunky sentences may seem like minor bugbears, but they can make your book unreadable. You’ve put a lot of hard work into your book and you deserve a book that reflects that work. An editor will get rid of grammar glitches,  separate giant clumps of text and streamline your sentences, so that your story is easy for your readers to absorb.

  1. Editors Cut Your Book Down to Size

A lot of authors become so engrossed in their idea that they over-write and end up with a story that becomes too big for them. Editors can see what needs to be cut to bring a book down to a manageable size. And don’t worry – they wield a scalpel rather than a wrecking ball. You’d be surprised at how reducing repetitions and eliminating adjectives can help a story to shrink.

  1. Editors Give You Perspective

You’re enthusiastic about your story – and rightly so. But it’s impossible for anyone to be objective about their own work. Editors have a thorough knowledge of the mechanics of story. They can help you order your thoughts and ensure that the text flows in a way that makes sense. They can also give you structural advice so that you can make changes to a story yourself.

Have you hired an editor or proofreader? Did you find it worthwhile – or not?


3 thoughts on “Why Self Published Writers Need Editors

  1. I am in the process of writing my autobiography and am almost towards the end of the finish line. I need someone to proof read my material, what shall I do?


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