Writing Work Is Like Buses…

There is none for ages, then the work comes in threes.

Last week, there was none. It may not seem big or clever to admit this, but that’s the reality of life as a freelance writer. So I did when I always do during those blank weeks; plant seeds and tend my garden. Planting seeds means reinforcing my connections in social media, pursuing leads and browsing through job opportunities for freelancers. Tending my garden means doing useful research and going over all the notes for my creative writing classes to make sure they say what I want to say.

Then this week, I got three jobs.

It started with an email asking me to take on a book editing project. A seed I had planted some time ago was bearing fruit. It’s for Escape from Eire, a memoir charting the adventures of a Caribbean woman, Jennylynd James, in Ireland. I was delighted to have the chance to work on such a fascinating story.

I begin by wielding a big pair of secateurs, hacking away at the dead wood which clogs up the story. Then I’ll be pruning, making sure that what’s left fits together and has a chance to bloom. Along the way, I’ll be pulling out weeds: typos and clunky clauses. When I’m finished, there will be nothing left to get in the way of the

Editng is like gardening
Editng is like gardening





Just in case you’re interested, the other two jobs were a transcription assignment for a company called Ubiqus and a CV to flesh out, from a career consultancy called Sli Nua.  Thank God for my regular writing sources. They keep me in bread and butter.

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