Book Launch Buldup #2

Well, it’s not so much of a buildup, since the day has actually arrived.

In just under nine hours’ time, I will arrive at Tramore Library with my patient husband, groaning under the weight of boxes, of wine and of books. Which is more important is yet to be determined.

We will also bring two plates with crackers, cheese cut into cubes and grapes. As you can see, the height of culinary sophistication! You’ll even get little sticks to spear the cheese with and you’ll eat it with pink paper plates. Yes, this launch even has a theme.

The lovely Tracy, Head Librarian at Tramore Library, will preside over the vast array of drinks – wine, tea, coffee, water and orange. A veritable rainbow of beverages. And I will be sitting behind another table, with my books displayed in a cage painted pink for the occasion. Underneath the table will be boxes bulging with books, which I fervently hope will not be bulging when the evening’s over.

At about six-thirty, the poet Mark Roper will launch the book. Based on previous form, I imagine his words will be understated, but warm and sincere.Then I’ll burble out some thank yous and share out my tale about how I saved my book from the jaws of death. I’ll also read you a choice snippet – I’m warming up my pipes as we speak.

The book will be a lovely even tenner, which shouldn’t cause too many headaches, but I have my change float at the ready, thanks to Chris at Apple Brown Betty cafe, supplier of coffee and moral support. And if you buy it, you’ll get my priceless signature.

See you all in nine hours.










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