Book Launch Build Up #1

Organising a relaunch for a book is a bit like a second wedding. It’s low key. You’re slightly embarrassed to be asking the same people you asked before and there isn’t the same level of hype and fuss. But it’s also more relaxed and you’re confident that at least you won’t make the same mistakes as last time. That’s how I feel with seven days to go to my second book launch.

This time last year, for my first launch, I was riding a roller coaster. I was convinced no one was coming. Then I came home for the launch and was greeted like a celebrity, which naturally did no good for my ego. The night itself was a blur, a wall of sound, an outpouring of people and good wishes. Books were thrust at me and I signed them. I floated into a strange place where though I was thirsty, I had no need of drink.

Last year, I was full of illusions. This year, in the surfing spirit of my new hometown of Tramore, I’ll relax and ride the waves. Whether 30 or 70 people turn up, I’ll enjoy the experience just the same. I’ll drink a glass of wine. I’ll move around and mingle and have a laugh.

And this year, I’m in charge. I’ve decided what night it will be on and what time. I will make sure that no-one runs out of anything to drink. I may not quite reach the heights of excitement of my first launch, but I’ll savour the experience more. Most of all, I’m looking forward to meeting people in the new community I find myself in and to introducing The Pink Cage to a new audience.

Now I just have to go and write another speech. Oh and decide what dress I’m going to wear. Some things never change…

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