Roll Up, Roll Up – It’s The Pink Cage Blog Tour

Once upon a time, authors went on book tours. Now they go on blog tours. Blog tours take reviews into the 21st century. The writer or publisher chooses a number of bloggers and asks them if they are willing to do author interviews or book reviews. They then agree to post them up on a specific date. Each blog will appear in sequence, so that, for example, 10 blogs will appear over 10 days.

The goal is to create greater visibility for the book and its author on the Internet, which can be a vast place. Blog tours are particularly useful for encouraging people to buy ebooks, as people make the transition to Kindle and other e-readers.

My blog tour is a mini-tour really, with five bloggers putting up posts over five days. Here’s an itinerary of my whistle stop blog tour.

Monday, September 19th. Writer Orla Shanaghy poses some gritty questions about the realities of the publishing world in her blog, Wait Till I Tell You.

Tuesday, September 20th. Sian Phillips, another keen writer disguised as an accountant, who is one of the queens of the Twitterverse, talks to me about the inspiration for the book and does a reader review on her eponymous blog.

Wednesday, September 21st. Writer Louise Phillips (no relation), is doing a book review and dreaming up some tough questions for her blog, the wonderfully-named 120 Socks. She claims the book helped her through woman flu, so I’m sure she’ll be gentle.

Thursday, September 22nd. Creative writing tutor Michelle Moloney King reviews the book for her blog, Teacher King. She too is a queen in the Twitterverse.

Friday, September 23rd. Last, but not least, writer and musician Derek Flynn is dreaming up some even tougher questions for his blog. Though we live in the same county, we have only met in the Twitterverse, but I’m sure that’ll be amended soon.

I know it’s a lot to take in, but I’ll be posting up every day on my social media pages when the entries are ready, so you’ll be able to follow the blog tour as it unfolds. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the bloggers for agreeing to take part and for their support through social media channels and in person. It can be as hard now to be reviewed on a blog as it is to be reviewed in a newspaper, so I feel very privileged that they’ve taken such an interest.

See you on tour.






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