A New Way to Buy Books

The first edition of The Pink Cage is sold out – what a feeling. But I’m not in an interesting situation, where demand is outstripping supply. They’re going mad for it in Clonmel apparently, nothing like the home turf. And people are finding it hard to understand why they can’t just stroll into a bookshop and buy it.

So I want to explain how you can buy The Pink Cage – not just because I’m a media hawker, but because the way The Pink Cage is distributed represents a new way of buying. It signifies a move towards ordering books from the Internet, at prices that won’t hurt your wallet.

The Pink Cage is being distributed on a Print on Demand basis. That means that books are printed only on the basis of orders. The Print on Demand system can handle orders of up to 250 books. It’s different from traditional publishers, who do a large print run that goes into the thousands and unsold books are returned to the warehouse.

This way, there’s no waste, no books mouldering in a warehouse. But it also explains why you won’t find a big spread of books on a table at Eason – though Eason Clonmel and Waterford Book Centre plan to order more. Instead, it will be easier to order the book from Amazon, from Book Republic’s website and other book distribution websites like Book Depository.

The numbers of people reading ebooks are still small, but they’re growing steadily. A number of people have told me they’ve downloaded it on Kindle and even though the print run is sold out, The Pink Cage is available all the time for Kindle and will be made available to other eReaders soon. If you don’t have a Kindle, but you have an iPhone, you can download a Kindle app and read it that way.

If all this sounds too techie for you, you can still stroll into your local bookshop and order the book. They will place the order with distributors Gill & McMillan and will phone you when the order comes through a couple of weeks later. So if you order it, at least you’ll know it’s on its way.

I chose Book Republic and this route because there’s a wind of change in how people buy books. And I don’t want The Pink Cage to be left behind. I want the book to be part of the move towards Internet-based buying and give it the best chance to reach the widest possible audience.


The Print on Demand run is being prepared at the moment and is nearly ready. When it is, I’ll be updating you and giving you more information on how you can get it. In the meantime, here’s the links to the Kindle pages. amazon.co.uk/dp/B0055PDNKO, US & IRE: amazon.com/dp

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