How to Shape Your Blog

It’s notoriously difficult to hold the attention of Internet audiences. There’s so much competing for their attention and it’s also harder to read off a screen.  To hold the attention of this fickle audience, your blog needs to have an appealing shape. Here’s how to fit your thoughts to the Internet medium.


Your title needs to hit them straight away, so that they’ll click on the link. Aim for a title that does exactly what it says on the tin, or that plays cleverly with words.


Though you’re aiming to be as brief as possible, it’s still nice to lead your reader gently by the hand, with an amusing story, or a question that sparks their interest.

Headings and Bullets

Breaking up your text makes it easier for readers to absorb. If you have an advice-style blog, bullet points are ideal. But even if your blog is more opinion-based, you can break it up with headings. Changes to font and colour will enhance it further.


I may be shooting myself in the foot here but the blogs that have the biggest impact are image-based. People love to look at pictures and videos, enhanced with a clever caption.


Give people something to take away, whether it’s a call to action, a rousing quote or a link where they can get further information.


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