Awesome Blog!

Well, not really.

But in current parlance, anything that’s in any way decent is liable to be described as awesome. Hyperbole, or exaggerated language, has become acceptable in business talk and in life. Words are being stripped of their wonder. If any of you were listening to fantasy author Terry Pratchett on 2FM this week, you’ll have heard his eloquent rant on the subject. A tidal wave coming towards you is awesome – especially if you are a surfer! A cup of coffee is not. It can be described as fragrant, acceptable, pleasant, good. Certainly not awesome.

Consider the definition of awe, supplied by the good people at Collins’ English Dictionary.

An overwhelming feeling of wonder, admiration, respect and dread.

Given that definition, could you ever again consider a cup of coffee to be awesome? It would want to be a mighty fine cup of coffee.

The right word used at the right time is a powerful tool. If you want to make the maximum impact on your audience, whether they’re customers, readers or your family and friends, it’s worth investing a little time to find a word that’s the perfect fit.


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