Asking the Write Questions

People ask me how I gather the content that I create for my clients. The answer is simple. I ask the right questions. I have developed a question template which helps me pinpoint what is unique about my clients’ business. Most of the time, the unique angle isn’t immediately obvious, but careful questions winkle it out. People love nothing more than to discuss their passions and I give them the opportunity to do that.

This week, I was approached by the bookings coordinator of a wedding band to write their website content. She wanted the content to be punchy and to reflect the unique attributes of a wedding band. The trouble is that wedding music, by its very nature, is formulaic. If a wedding band wants to succeed, it has to adhere to that formula. We both admitted that this was a problem, but I pointed out that it wasn’t what they did that was unique, but how they did it. I could hear a lightbulb switching on in her head as I spoke.

I then came up with a list of questions designed to help her and the band members figure out what made them stand out from the crowd. The questions fell into four rough categories. Goals, Trends, Passions and Experience.

Goals: Why does the band even exist in the first place and what does tha band want to achieve.

Trends: What has the band noticed about the types of music people ask for and what criteria do they use to compile their sets.

Passions: What attracted the band to a career in music and what sort of music do they like to play?

Experience: What experience do they hope to create for their customers? How do they go the extra mile to deliver that experience?

To speed up the process of creating content for yourself, learn to ask yourself questions about your business. Ask yourself  about your passions, about the trends that affect your business, about the reasons for your existence. And ask yourself what experience you hope to deliver to your customers. The answers are at your fingertips. You are the magic ingredient. You are what makes your business unique. And if you recognise that, your content will be unique.



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