Unique – The Ultimate Buzzword

Unique. It’s a word used to describe something or someone that’s one of a kind. And it has now become the ultimate buzzword. Every marketing brief, every press release, describes a company’s unique offering, its unique selling point.

But the reality is, not every business can be unique all the time. For example, if you are a tax consultant, there are set rules for you to follow, regardless of your business. This means you are delivering the exact same service as your competitors. Because of this, business owners often feel that they’re not newsworthy enough to attract the attention of the media.

The good news is that there is a unique ingredient in your business – you. You may deliver the exact same service as your competitors, but the way you deliver it is subtly different. You bring your own personality into the mix. And if you care about your business at all, you’ll have a strong handle on the trends that impact on it and on the issues that your customers have to deal with.

These strong opinions could form the basis of a strong press release. Most newspaper articles and radio slots are comment-based. Journalists are seeking the opinions of ordinary people in business to lend weight to the top business stories and give them a human face.

If you send journalists press releases that demonstrate your expertise, they’ll see you as an articulate person with a valuable contribution to make. You’ll take your business beyond the buzzwords and ensure it truly stands out from the crowd.


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