The LinkedIn Reading List: Connecting Bookworms

What does your LinkedIn reading list say about you? That question prompted lively discussion among members of the Writing Mafia Group on LinkedIn. The general feeling was that books were a statement of personality and that people looked to a connection’s reading list as a yardstick for the value of a connection.

However, a surprising number of posters were unaware of the existence of the LinkedIn reading list. Which is a shame, because it’s an invaluable way of boosting your profile on LinkedIn. Quite simply, the reading list is an app that lets you tell your contacts what you’re reading at the moment, what you have read, or what you plan to read.

Accessing the Reading List

  • It’s easy to use. Just go to the More tab, which is the last tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.
  • When you click on the word ‘more’, you will see Reading List by Amazon. Click on it, then search for the title of a book you want to select.
  • Amazon generates a list of titles with book covers above them. Pick the one that matches your choice.
  • The book you choose will appear on your profile and your contacts will see a message telling them what you are reading at present.

What Books to Pick

Because LinkedIn is a formal business-oriented site, many people choose titles that relate to their business and professional lives. Inspirational business books, books on business best practise and books related to their field of business. However, people may also pick books that have inspired them throughout their lives, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. You can choose a book you have read, a current choice or one you plan to read.

Using the Reading List to Network

When you’ve chosen your book, LinkedIn will invite you to add a comment telling people why you’ve chosen to read this book and if you’ve finished it, what you’ve thought of it. You are also asked if you would recommend it to others. When you click on the title of your book, you can find out what other people on LinkedIn thought of it, which is sure to spark lively debate and gather new connections that you mightn’t have encountered otherwise.

To see the reading list in action, feel free to visit my profile, As a bookworm, I love to hear what others are reading, so feel free to comment on my book choices, or share your own.


One thought on “The LinkedIn Reading List: Connecting Bookworms

  1. Interesting post, Derbhile, I have a reading list on my profile and just like you said I only put “work related” books on it. I have ecletic tastes when it comes to reading, in face I’d read nearly anything. I’ve not engaged in discussions about the reading material though, food for thought for the future.


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