Hassle-Free Content Creation

How do you do it? That’s one of the first questions customers ask me when they approach me about my content-creation services. In this blog, I’ll give you a taste of how the magic happens and how my approach benefits your business.

Having trained as a journalist, I know the importance of asking the right questions. I create a list of questions, email them to you and then ring you to talk through them. Some people prefer to answer the questions by return of email, but this can take time and the whole point of my service is to help you create effective content in the shortest possible time. A phonecall usually gives me all the information I need to create your content, whether you’re looking for a press release, web content or a marketing email.

The questions I ask are designed to help you figure out what’s special about your business and why your customers should buy from you. They enable you to tell the story of your business: its beginnings, your goals, your products and services and exciting new developments. They also give you a chance to show off your expertise, discussing the trends affecting your business and your customer-service philosophy.

The benefits of this method include.

  • Authenticity – Your content will be written in your voice and will be true to the spirit of your business.
  • Focus – This is a ready-made opportunity to work on their business. Customers have told me they find the questions useful in identifying the ingredients that make their business work.
  • Saves you time and hassle – the 10-15 minute phone conversation will be a worthwhile investment of your time.

Above all, don’t worry about giving the right or wrong answer. This is your business and you are the expert. All the information you need is at your fingertips.

One thought on “Hassle-Free Content Creation

  1. Love it, as usual Derbhile. What you do with regard to your writing is simliar to what I do with regard to my clients. It’s all down to training and asking the right questions, then working with the information they give you.


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