Homage to my 10 favourite words

I have a confession to make. I am in love with the English language. This is a lifetime love affair. In this week’s blog, I have decided to pay homage to my love by sharing some of my favourite words. And since I also love lists, this homage will take the form of a top 10.

There is no great scientific reason for my choices. Mostly I just like the way these words sound, dignified, elegant, playful. Saying them makes my mouth tingle. And it just so happens that they frequently have positive meanings too. Here’s my list, in no particular order.

1. segue, a term used when two pieces of music follow each other in a seamless flow.

2. rhombus, really a four-sided shape, but sounds like a dance.

3. Funky, generally fashionable and cool. I imagine that merely saying the word is enough to make me cool too.

4. squish, variant on squash, satisfying onomatopoeic sound.

5. spangly, sparkly, generally refers to clothes. Since these are the kinds of clothes I favour, I use it quite a lot

6. subliminal, below the level of consciousness. Because everyone needs a word that will make them sound intelligent

7. lickety-split, immediately, as soon as possible. Gloriously retro wor

8. ubiquitious, everywhere at once. Satisfyingly long and twisty

9. yoink, used when you’re snatching something away from someone. Again, very onomatopoeic

10. discombobulated, confused. Hearing it always makes me smile.

The English language offers a rich menu of words  to choose from. Why not venture beyond the every day and explore what it has to offer. Feel free to share your own favourite words with me. I’m always on the lookout for choice titbits


2 thoughts on “Homage to my 10 favourite words

  1. Derbhile – A great list of words!! As a relative newcomer to Ireland (just over 2 years) – I delight in discovering the meaning of certain words and expressions and how they are used differently in different part of the country – just like regions of the USA of course, (my home country) – but I am still working on detecting the different nuances in the Irish accent and to be honest when I hear a new expression – have a good chuckle to myself (not because I find it funny but honestly because I find it delightful) – look forward to seeing what else you’ll be posting about – top 10 Least favourite words?


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